Important notice about Organetik.SL and organo products

„Vibrancy energetic“ is not a conventional subject in science. Therefore one must be very precautious in all statements and declarations to avoid endless accusations and complaints. The legal situation clearly states: Anything that cannot be certified and verified by scientific studies is not allowed to be proclaimed and advertised with statements about impacts or effectiveness.

The protection and safety of the consumer of false promises and dangerous healing doctrines is necessary and understandable. But on the other hand the actual legal situation makes it much more difficult to publicize innovative approaches and empiric provable positive effects to a broader public and community. Practical experiences and know-how are unfortunately not being considered as being loyal as long as a traditional scientific study has not been made or approved. Sometimes there are just not enough evidence analysis possible or the financial part is just too enormously high.

That is why we do have to express our statements and declarations in an imprecise style and wording or have to leave them out. We are not allowed to even publish authentic reports of our clients and customers if they do not include scientifically proven statements. The best way to found out about the impact and effectiveness for you is to try, test and assure yourself of the Organo.SL products.

The „quantum physic“ is still in fledgling stages and contains a lot of mysteries for us. Again we notify you that Organetik.SL is not yet scientifically proven and verified by academically certified studies. But our aim is to essentially contribute to the up-coming and following research of the coherency in the future.

Organetik.SL is no medical device and no healing aid. Organetik.SL is not serving as a healing technique, (pain) relief, diagnosis, elimination or prevention of diseases and their outcome. The descriptions of the products do not represent a guideline for committing a self-diagnosis. Organetik.SL does not replace a physical examination or treatment by a physician or non-medical practitioner. Results that are shown radiesthesiatically by the OrganoSensor do not refer to a medical treatment or diagnosis.

Due to legal and competition regulations regarding the protection of our clients and customers we are obliged to indicate that there are no scientifically proven and certified studies for possible and potential impacts and effects of Organetik.SL and all of our developed organetic products similar to homeopathy.

Organetik.SL is no complementary medicine as well as all of our developed organetic products are no medicament or cure according to the medicamentation prescription, the German Medicines Law, the German Pharmaceutical Act and cannot be relied on as these / considered to be as these. They cannot replace any medication or medical treatment. All information and indication refer exclusively to a year-long experience and gathered know-how as well as historical traditions.

Our usage of definitions such as e.g. electric smog, mobile radiation, terrestrial radiation as well as animated energized water are not scientifically and academically approved and certified / verified specifications. The actual existence or harmfulness of electric smog, mobile radiation and terrestrial radiation has not been determined  as to be true by scientifically and academically studies so far yet.