Everything in life is vibrancy.

Albert Einstein gets to the point

The revolutionary insights of „quantum physics“ reassure that matter is consisting to 99,9999999% out of energy and information (vibrancy) and only a 0,0000001% out of mass. We as humans basically engage in only a 1-billionth part of this reality, that is to say what we are able to actually recognize and what is palpable for us.

But in terms of Organetik.SL it is of crucial significance to consider and respect the energy and information content that are shaping matter in the end. Each human, each animal, each building, but also each recognizable item that is considered to be lifeless for us, e.g. a table, a glass or a stone as well as any other form of matter is identified and considered as a definite vibrant form of energy.

Even anything that is not recognizable with our eyes, too, e.g. negative radiation, electric smog and cosmic influences. Our thoughts and emotions do have their own energy and information content that is influencing our bodies (and therefore our well-being).

Each vibrancy is individual. That results in the fact that each human, but also the organs, glands, nerves, muscles and cells hold on to very unique self-vibrancies. These self-vibrancies can be influenced by different parameters. Particularly emotions, mental traumas and environmental conditions can be determined over and over again as a heavy disturbing factor. 

Organetik.SL is based upon this energetic principle and its aim is to reconcile and harmonise your self-vibrancy.

Organetic therapy on humans

Well-being and life quality

Most of our blockades are appearing because of our hectic lifestyle. So many incriminating emotions such as anxiety, sorrows, troubles and stress, the pressure to perform and traumas are to be found everywhere nower days. These emotional liabilities can be reconciled and harmonised effectively with Organetik.SL.

Organetik.SL is a bio-energetic Treatment that is relying on the fact that everything is vibrancy. This means that each human, each animal, each plant – ultimately any matter does have its own and holds on to its own vibrancy. The natural vibrancy can be changed through different disturbing factors into something with negative impact on you.

Organetik.SL is reconciling and harmonising the negative vibrancy and is re-establishing again your original, natural vibrancy. Once the original, natural vibrancy is re-established you will be able to feel how you literally bounce back into your own balance.

Aus: Zeitschrift erlesen – Leben und genießen in Klosterneuburg, Dezember 2014; Interview mit Herrn Manfred Stümpfl, Firma ORGANO.SL

ORGANO Feng-Shui

„ first, we shape the living space – then, the living space shapes Us. “

This sentence once said by Winston Churchill does say it all about ORGANO Feng-Shui. Many of you maybe already know how important and effective the energy within our own living space is. Our home is supposed to be the place where we should be able to reduce the daily stress and to reload the „battery“ in us by sleeping as good as possible. ORGANO Feng-Shui will establish new and innovative ways for you to optimize your living space on an energetic level.

The first step includes an analysis and breakdown of the actual condition:

  • What kind of disturbing factors are there around?
  • Is the sleeping environment contaminated?
  • How does the energy come into the living space?
  • What impact does the direct periphery have on it?

The second step includes reconciling and harmonising the existing disharmonies:

  • How can I protect myself against the disturbing factors?
  • What can I do against geopathic contaminations, e.g. underground watercourses?
  • What possibilities and options are there to neutralize these disturbing factors?

The third step includes the orientation of the state you aim for in the future — a development, a desire and a will to achieve your aim:

  • How can I improve the success in my job through a specific installment and creation of a room or living space?
  • How can I strengthen my partnership?
  • How can I create a comfortable and pleasant working environment?
  • The „BAGUA“ — what kind of impact have the eight areas of life in my home towards all the residents there?

Aus: ORGANO Feng-Shui, Firma ORGANO.SL

The products of Organo reconcile and harmonise the direct living periphery, which is the most important part for us to experience a good and stable life quality.

Feng-Shui is — among many other things — an excursion into the Chinese philosophy. Similar to the Organo method for humans and animal, this can also be applied for houses, apartments, office spaces and other properties.

Furthermore we can help with the neutralization of negative radiation and liabilities of the human and its periphery through technically initiated electrical and magnetic fields that are supposed to have a biological influence on us. This will make you feel safe and encourage your well-being at home again, too.

Reconcile and harmonise your life

Innovative possibilities with Organetik.SL

Organetik.SL provides innovative possibilites to look at the human in a holistic way: body, mind & soul. Only if this „unit“ is being respected and looked at with full attention there can be holistic thoughts and environmentally responsible behavior. Each organism does have its own self-healing processes that are then able to fully evolve. These self-healing processes bring your body, mind & soul in unison again.

Treatment on animals

Even our beloved animals can be treated with all of the above mentioned treatments. For though the energetic as well as all other body systems of animals are almost identical with the ones of humans. I am always very happy if my dog is really happy!

Organo - products

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I am working with and applying the energetic products of the Organo.SL company. Discover the products of Organo to add more energy and well-being to your life.


To the ORGANO Shop

May i introduce myself.

My name is Angelika Wedler. I was born in Ingolstadt (Donau), Bavaria.

I have studied central purchase material logistics.

Due to my husband’s job opportunity, my family and I moved to China for the first time in 2005. There, I have discovered the subject „working and living with Feng-Shui“ for the first time, too.

Back in Germany in 2008, I was able to learn more about the impact and  effectiveness and also of the possibilites of bioresoncance.

After another stay in Peking, China, for a couple of years, I have discovered and worshipped the precious energetic wellness treatments with Organetik.SL for humans and animals as well as ORGANO Feng-Shui. (The company organo.SL GmbH is based in Germany.)

I am now your „Certified Organectic Therapist“ in Munich, living just 2km southwest of the center of Munich. I can offer you a holistic therapy that is taking care of your physical, psychological, emotional and mental state. I can guide you with Organetik.SL to reconcile and harmonise these mental sensitivities. And I am working with this technique on humans and on animals as well.

The ORGANO Feng-Shui treatment offers you an opportunity to eliminate interferences and disturbing factors within your living space and therefore provides for a healthier and more pleasant indoor climate. You are able to feel good again and you will experience a superb and recreative sleeping periphery to fully regenerate.


Angelika Wedler
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E-Mail: kontakt@angelika-wedler.de

Important notice

Due to legal and competition regulations regarding the protection of our clients we are obliged to indicate that there are no scientifically certified studies for possible and potential impacts and effects of Organetik.SL and all of our developed organetic products similar to homeopathy.

Organetik.SL is no complementary medicine/cure as well as all of our developed organetic products are no medicament/cure according to the medicamentation prescription, the German Medicines Law, the German Pharmaceutical Act and therefore cannot be relied on as these / considered to be as these. They cannot an do not replace any medication or medical treatment. All information and indication refer exclusively to a year-long experience and gathered know-how as well as historical traditions. To our usage of definitions such as e.g. electric smog, mobile radiation, terrestrial radiation as well as animated energized water -> please read and check our menu file: Important Notice.